All the clutter…

Guys, I’ve had a go of it this week. Hit with a cold a week or so ago, seems like it’s the 20th time I’ve been sick this winter and the last few days it accelerated itself into bronchitis. I’ve been angry, feeling self pity… why me?! I tamper that down by thinking about all of those folks out there who live with illness, pain, and other intense issues daily and try oh so hard to thank my lucky stars for the blessed life that I have. But damn, it can be so challenging when you feel like poop.

After my trip to the doc and getting on some prednisone and cough suppressants, I’m finally feeling human again today! I woke up this morning, well 11am, but that’s still morning right. And endeavored to make this day productive!

For those of you who don’t know me, I have this undying, and often unbridled, passion for clothes and fashion. I’m constantly on the look out for the next cute thing, shopping online with sites like Poshmark and Thredup. Especially when I’m not feeling well and I’m laid up on the couch or in bed with seemingly nothing to do but see what’s out there! To counteract my seemingly endless package delivery (yes, I need an intervention), I routinely purge my closet. I think I do a pretty good job of staying on top of it and keeping the clutter and unused things out.

It goes like this, I purge the stuff out, ask a few of my close friends if they want this or that, and put the rest in a box in the basement to deal with later on. Always intending to have a yard sale or maybe sell some of my own things on those delightful internet sites!

Well, today, since I was hell bent on being productive, I did my routine closet purge. I boxed up the unwanted treasures and headed to the storage room downstairs, aka the dungeon. I couldn’t even find a place to stash my box among all of my other boxes. Sigh. So, I pushed on and decided that I was going to get it all out. Unpack all of the boxes, see what’s in them, try to organize them in some way, and figure out next steps to rid myself of this stuff for good.

Folks, it took me six hours to get through it all. Disaster! I believe I could open and stock my very own resale shop and keep stock replenished for a while. (Insert GIANT eye-roll here.)

Does this happen in our lives too? Do we declutter our minds, or push things out of the forefront of our thoughts, but never really “deal” with the stuff? I don’t know about you, but I’m often in situations where I need to just push on and keep going. I don’t have time in that moment, while so many other things are pressing down, to properly address, package up, and rid my mind of that old clutter.

I’ve also had times in my life when I slowly start to feel bogged down, like I just can’t quite get any traction, and then suddenly I feel depressed and anxious. I wind up having a day, sometimes weeks of sadness. It’s not until I have a few ugly cries, some deep conversations with the loved ones in my life who know me best and aren’t afraid to give me the hard truths, and maybe even work with my life coach before I realize that I’ve been holding onto a whole bunch of things. Just like with my stash in the basement, when I’m finally in front of it and dealing with it, I wonder WHY did I do this!

There are lots of approaches to resolving this, different strokes for different folks and all. One thing that has helped me is journaling, just a few thoughts as events happen, not the daily grind, but the super highs and super lows. It might only be a few times a week that I write in my little book stashed in my nightstand, but I’ve captured the clutter. That can’t be where it ends though. When you’re feeling strong, capable, and rested, take a few minutes alone and review those things. Decide for yourself if you have dealt with these things appropriately. Do they still make you grit your teeth, bring the sting of tears to your eyes, or make your heart rate increase? Yes? Well then, now that you’re in the right mindset, take the steps needed to resolve it and clear out the clutter! Send that crap off, get rid of it for good, and make room for the new!

Just a few thoughts!

How do you keep yourself de-cluttered and make sure you have room to accept the new and positive?

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This Zany Life

Hi friends, I decided to create this blog to have a creative outlet for myself to dish about the crazy happenings in my life. Hopefully, I'm able to help others feel fellowship, like they are part of a tribe that understands the daily happenings in their lives. I am a single mother of two boys (Simeon and Parker), work full-time as a software development project manager, work part-time as an adjunct professor for Davenport University, have a wonderful fiance (Ricardo), and two very active Boston Terriers (Gus and Lexi). I run around each day trying to keep up, making sure I care for family, friends, and work. Sometimes staying on top of the daily grind is a challenge. I found that when I got too bogged down with the details, I forgot how to enjoy the moments and find joy in the present. My journey has been about bringing lightness back into the days and enjoying the moment!

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